Not Much

Not much knitting or crochet happened over the weekend. A little, but nothing of real interest. I am very very close to done with the Oyster Bay shawl. Within 10 rows. Of course, they’re long rows now. I’m hoping that next weekend I can get the pattern out to so test knitters. The pattern itself is written, but i want to get the shawl done and insert photos before it goes to testing so it’s a complete pattern.

Once this one is off in testing mode I have another shawl idea waiting in the wings. This time I’m going to try Wool and the Gang yarn in a pretty charcoal gray. It’s going to be a cable and lace affair worked sideways in the manner of my Topaz shawl.

Topaz shawl

It’s good to be getting my design mojo back. I almost forgot how much I love it! Thankful this Monday for the supportive people I have around me. 😊


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