Sheenagh Goes to VKL!

I went to Vogue Knitting Live for the first time ever today. I live on Long Island, yet somehow I’ve never been. Why?! Anyway, I’m so glad I went because I got to meet some of my very favorite yarn people. After 8 (or did we decide it’s 9….?) years of emailing and publishing designs with the Knit Picks team we finally met! Voices to the words on a computer screen. And I’m happy to say they’re all as lovely in person as they appear from online.

And a pleasant surprise. One of my designs was on display as a sample in the Knit Picks booth! The design is Sheenagh, a highly cabled ruana/poncho.

After the exhausting week I’ve had, end my Friday with this was amazing. I just wish I’d taken some selfies with the KP team and maybe one of me wearing my design. Oh well. Hindsight. I was too carried away in the enthusiasm of the moment.

Side note. I felt Wonderfluff yarn and it’s magical. I need me a sweater knit from the stuff. I imagine it’s like wearing a cloud. Ideas are already running through my head!


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