2015 Yarn Clubs

Sign ups have opened for the 2015 yarn clubs and there’s a few changes being made to better customer service.

There are two yarn/pattern clubs; a bi-monthly hat club (Head in the Clouds) and a bi-monthly sock club (Feet on the Ground). You can get a single, 3-month, or 6 month subscription to each, or a 6 or 12 month combo of both.

As you all well know, this year has been absolutely crazy for yarn orders and yarns for KALs have been arriving scarily close to cast on dates. I don’t like this any more than you guys do. It’s stressful. In the beginning of the year I was able to get everything out on time and I want all of next year to go as smoothly as this year began.

This year I left registration for the birthstone yarns open all year. This meant that people were signing up for 3, 6, 12, or 24 skein options all year adding more and more yarn to the list I had to dye for each month, plus as the year went on I had back skeins to do (if someone ordered 24 skein/12 months in August then I had to dye and get out all the past months on top of the upcoming ones). It got too crazy and being only one person I just can’t keep up. And then there were the MKALs which also gained popularity as the year passed. So….

While I would like everyone to be able to get the yarn they want, I need to put a limit in place otherwise I can’t offer the level of customer service I want to and keep my sanity.
Under each yarn club you’ll see dates of registration. Once a month has passed it will no longer be available (except a few extra skeins made available to club members if they need an additional skein to complete their project).
If you are interested in the 2015 clubs please check the listing and dates so you can plan for it.

I know that paying for a full year yarn club can be pricey, especially around the holidays. I’m offering PayPal credit payments through my site so you can register for your spot now and pay later or in monthly installments. You can read about it on the PayPal site.

There will also be more shawls in 2015. In addition to the hat and sock collections I will still be doing quarterly mystery KALS. The first MKAL of 2015 will be announced in about a month. Yarn orders in these will also has restricted registration dates to make sure yarn gets out when it’s supposed to.

Thank you everyone for being patient this year! 🙂